Verizon has just kicked it up a notch.

Prepare yourselves. Verizon is now officially awesome.
With their new “iDon’t” ads, they’re trying to kick Apple, right where it hurts. They’re pumping the release of the new Droid, supposedly from Motorola. The phone’s got a 5 Megapixel camera, rumored to be Android 2.0, a real keyboard, possibly a flash (it said it could take pics in the dark.
The ad is very much a teaser, it doesn’t show us the phone, and neither does the website. All you get is a link to sign up for email updates (which I did), and a weird not-in-any-kind-of-readable-text countdown of some sort. I’m pretty psyched, unless it flops, like the Storm. There is a video after the jump.


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