So I got my Google Wave invite today…

And , I think, until Google opens it up to more people, I don’t see much usefulness in it. But once it is open, it’ll be crazyawesome But, Google needs to beef up there servers a heck of a lot, because even in waves with 5-6 people, I noticed some serious lag when typing.
Oh, and before you ask… I do not have any invites to give away, nor is this post meant for people to comment begging for an invite.

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2 Comments to “So I got my Google Wave invite today…”

  1. Haha! Sorry, I’m desperate for an invite and I spent a few hours last night posting everywhere I could to try to get one. If you need a Google Voice invite I have 3 left… How long ago did you request your wave invite? I think i requested mine about a month ago and I still haven’t gotten it yet. My Gmail address is George.Beutel, I couldn’t find a way to send you a message otherwise I would have sent this as such.

    • Nope. Got voice and wave already. When I asked for one really does not mean anything, because I got invites from a friend. You’ll get yours soon enough, I think they’re opening up to more people soon.

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