HowTo Wednesday: Using Autorun.inf files in Windows.

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting a HowTo guide on something. Something from changing an icon, to installing an operating system

Ever plugged in a new USB removable storage device, and been disappointed with the default icon and name?

Well, by creating a small file Autorun.inf you can change the icon, name, and the Autoplay options when you plug in your device.

Let’s begin by opening notepad, or your text editor of choice. I’ll be using a freshly formatted flash drive of mine.

There. Now, let’s find the icon that you want to use. For Windows, it will be a .ico file. For simplicity, lets save that as icon.ico  on the root of your drive

Then, back to the notepad window, begin typing.  The file should read as follows



label=*name of your device*

Replace *name of your device* with the name of your device.

Other options are

open=*program here.exe*

Replace *program here.exe* with the name of an .exe program located at the root of the drive.

action=*program name here*

Replace *program name here* with the name of the program in the option above.

Save the file as Autorun.inf to the root of your drive. Make sure you select All Files from the dropdown menu above the file name.

Eject the drive, and plug it back in. If everything worked, you should get something like this.

If it didn’t work, go back and try it again.

If it did work, congratulations! Your device has  a name and icon that will go with it to whatever (Windows) machine you plug it in to.

This will work with memory cards, and portable hard drives as well.

Anything I missed? Sound off in the comments!


One Comment to “HowTo Wednesday: Using Autorun.inf files in Windows.”

  1. Thanks Cam, I just used this tutorial to help me format my new backup drive. Great stuff!

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